About the Cultural Life of Food Blog

Dr. A. enjoys a fresh-peeled crawfish

I teach a course called Foodways for the Department of Folk Studies and Anthropology at Western Kentucky University. It’s great fun, super interesting, and it deals directly with what we all have plenty of experience with: food.


Foodways is more than just the food. I characterize it as the cultural life of food, involving any and all things related to planning, gathering, preparing, serving, consuming, cleaning up after, or even writing about food. It goes further, too, to include how we use food, play with it, think about it, and make meaning with it.

What we eat (and drink) can be central to identity, personal and group. Foodways are endlessly fascinating and provide rich opportunity to reveal what it means to be human as individuals and as members of communities.

This blog is a repository for my own reflections on the cultural life of food, from whatever angles seem best at different times. It’s also a model, providing what I hope will be guidance and inspiration for my students who will write their own foodways blogs as part of their course experiences.

Plus, it’s fun to be a foodie.

Dr. A.